The roof across the street was left deserted during the middle of the job. Is this a common practice?

Unfortunately it is a common complaint that we hear from prospective clients. ESP Construction will not desert the job while in progress. A crew is assigned to be on your job until it is finished.

Is re-roofing messy?

It can be. However, to make re-roofing as convenient as possible to the customer. We respect your home and treat it like we would our own.  Our crews are instructed to clean up the job site everyday before leaving.

Will you park a dumpster in front of my house?

No. When the roof is removed, it is deposited in our dump truck and hauled away the same day.

Will the inside of my house get dirty?

Normally only the inside of the garage, attic, and any areas of the house that have open-beamed ceilings can get dirty. We will inspect your premises and advise you accordingly before proceeding with the job.

Should I cover the things stored in my garage or attic?

It is almost always better than trying to clean it all up afterward. We can help you cover the easily accessible areas before proceeding with the tear off. Some garages are so full of stored items that this is not practical.

Do I have to be home during the process of the job?

No. We only need access to the outside of the house and a dependable power source.

How long will it take replace my roof?

It depends on the size of the roof, and how many layers but most homes take one day.

How will I know if my roof decking is good?

Any damage or rot cannot be accurately determined until the roof is removed. Once the old roof is removed we will inspect it and advise you of the findings. We will make an allowance and put a fixed piece rate in the contract.

Do I need a certified or bank check?

No. A standard bank check or cash can be paid at the end of the job and you will be given a paid receipt.